China - Australia

It draws together pictures produced by students mainly from Shenzhen Guangdong region in China. All their schools and kindergartens are listed below.
The accompanying words have been prepared by students at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School, Harrison, Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
We acknowledge all the wonderful artists and story writers, their teachers and families and especially the support of Xu Mai, Susan Curbishley (Music Specialist), Mother Teresa Primary School and Sarah Brooke, (Victoria University). Xu Mai teaches Orff Schulwerk approach to music education across China and especially in the region of Shenzhen.

Contributing schools in Shenzhen Guangdong region, China:
BaiHua Primary School
California Kindergarten
Donghai Foreign Language Primary School
Elf Kindergarten
Huacheng Primary School
Jingtian Primary School
Jingxiu Primary School
Lianhua Ercun Kindergarten
Liyuan Primary School
Luofang Primary School
Luohu Jiaogong Kindergarten
LuohuHongKong People's Primary School
Meishan Primary School
Meiyuang Primary School
Mingde Experimental School 
Nanshan Foreign Language School
Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School
Shenzhen Experimental Kindergarten
Shenzhen Jinjing Kindergarten
Yinying Number 1 Kindergarten
Yuanlin Foreign Language Primary School
Zhicheng School

as well as
Shanghai First Kindergarten and
Collaborative International School, FoShan, GuangDong

The pdf version of the book is available at this link (please be wary of the large download size 34 Mb)

below are hyperlinks to the pages on this website of stories and pictures from the China/ Australia project

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