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9 - The magic Jar and, other stories

Drawings by Eritrean refugee children from Aaidun and Nidal Elementary in Kassala, South East Sudan, with accompanying stories written by children of Flemington Primary School, Melbourne Australia.

To learn more about Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Aid (EAHA)  and how you can help refugee children in Sudan through education, visit or email


Once a man found a country and he put down his country’s flag.   He has glasses and a beard.  He has long arms and long legs and square boots and a small body. He has a blue face and lots of teeth and spiky hair.  The flag has red, white, black and yellow stripes.

Once upon a time there were two robots called Bobie and Lulu.  They lived in tents.  Bobie lived in a black and brown tent.  Lulu lived in a yellow, red and green tent.  They each had a flag.  Lulu’s had lots of different shapes and colours on it.  Bobie’s was a red and black and white flag.  They had pets too.  Bobie had a spider and Lulu had a bird.  They had a car to share but Bobie would always drive because Lulu did not have a robot license but she wanted one.  She needed to be 19 but she was only 18.  It was her birthday tomorrow and Bobie was going to give her some lessons and she loved it.

Once upon a time there was a girl that was sick.  She tried to get better by opening her curtains but that didn’t work.  The next day she closed her curtains and tried some tea but it didn’t work.  The next day she ordered a chef to make her some food while she stayed in bed but that didn’t work.  The next day she tried but this time she did something different because she did everything but this time she got out of bed to make the food and at the end of that she felt better.  

Happiness and sun poem

You’re very happy like the sun.
Happy will grow anywhere anytime.
Everyone likes ‘HAPPINESS’ and you will too!
You will ‘LOVE’ ‘HAPPINESS’ when you’re awake when the sun shines you will be ‘HAPPY’.
When you look at the sun you will say: I’m very ‘HAPPY’ like the SUN.

The Animals
Once upon a time there was a stone age man.  He was going to find out new things.  He had already found a lot of things; waves, monsters, dots, flowers, letters, stairs, and bones.  He wanted to find animals.  He went to the jungle.  He was on his way to the beach.  He saw something pass by.  Then he went to chase it.  When he caught up with it he saw it was flying.  Therefore he named it butterfly.  He put it in a container and took it with him.  At the half-way mark he saw something big move in the trees.  It was a very big animal.  He thought it had fur, so he climbed a tree and looked around.  Right in front of him was a giant animal.  He named the animal Gorilla.  His dream was accomplished

The Magic Jar

The butterflies were flying and it was a beautiful sunny day at Jade Tree park Mary and Jack were having a picnic with Daniel and Marissa.  Daniel and Jack had presents for Marissa and Mary.  Jack went first.  He had a pet butterfly and he gave it to Mary but as he opened the cage the butterflies flew far away.  Then Daniel s turn.  He had a rose for Marissa.  Marissa loved it.  Jack felt jealous of Daniel so he pulled out a jar for Mary.  It was very dusty but as Mary wiped it off a big genie came out of the jar, then ..poof… a smoke bomb came out of nowhere and also out came Phoebe.  Phoebe took the genie and said, “I want respect, I want love. I want Jack”.    Then Whazzap … Whazzap … Whazzap.  A big electric  bomb electrified three things – Phoebe, the genie and the jar and they all disappeared.  Mary quickly thanked Marissa and said maybe it should be the end of the picnic but it wasn’t the last.

Once upon a time there lived Andrew and his father Issan.  They were a poor family.  So Andrew didn’t have a good education.  His clothes smelled like they were never washed and he hardly ate anything.  One day someone from the other Country came.  He told Andrew and his dad Issan that they could be rich.  But one condition, they must obey the Prime Minister or they will have a poor life like they are.
They chose yes for Andrew and his father to get a better education and better food to eat.    So we went to the plane to go to the other Country.  It was beautiful to see the other country.  We had never seen the other country in our whole life and we were rich.  So we got the first class plane and better food and better education.  But this all sounded fishy to Andrew.  To get all of this for a little condition.  So one day Andrew went to the man who gave them everything and he couldn’t believe his eyes.  The Prime Minister was a monster that feeds on amazement and joy and he was feeding on Andrew and Issan.  Andrew said I have to make a stop to this.  I tracked down kids like me and tried to recruit them.  They all said yes.  We made a plan to destroy the Prime Minister.  First we will distract the Prime Minister’s followers.  Then the group and I will go into the Prime Ministers lair.  We saw the Prime Minister with everything we got.  But nothing worked.  Then I saw a weakness and I attacked him there.  We defeated the Prime Minister.  I then remembered don’t I go back to being poor again but somehow I was still rich.

Once upon a time there was a little boy.  He and his mum lived on a rocky beach where it was very hot.  One day the little boy went to rob a bank where there was gold and sweet cash.  To be rich.  Then the guardians saw the little boy with a sword and a double shield that was made of metal.  Then his mum came to help her son.

Once there was a man.  He wanted war.  So he went in a tank and destroyed the town. But there were two houses and one tree left.  The tree was a shield.  The man was so angry he popped.  Then the tree snapped and the houses fell down.

The End

I live right here in a house like this
Which is right next to a man named Chris
I am never sad
I am very glad
That I live in a house like this!

Roses are red, violets are blue.
I made this poem just for you.

Community garden

At our community garden there are lots of wonderful plants.
At our community garden everything is as sweet smelling as sugar.
Our community garden is made of love.
It’s built and grown by people who care about our planet where we live.
It’s still alive today.
You have to look for it.

Words and pictures

This post features drawings by Eritrean refugee children from Aaidun and Nidal Elementary in Kassala, South East Sudan, with accompanying stories written by children of Flemington Primary School, Melbourne Australia.

The aim of this project is to stimulate links between students from the schools, and through the sharing of the pictures and stories to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s culture, beliefs and living conditions. 

The project has grown out of the gift of art work produced by Eritrean refugee children in Aaidun and Nidal Elementary and brought to Melbourne by Mr Anwar Alishek from the Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Aid (EAHA), a Melbourne Rotarian supporting Eritrean refugees in Sudan.

Some of the drawings and accompanying stories  were exhibited at Gallery Sunshine Everywhere in 2015.

This is a joint project of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere, College of Education, Victoria University and the Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Association, facilitated by Sarah Tartakover, Maureen Ryan and Anwar Alishek.

This project was supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission and will continue into 2016 with support from Brimbank City Council.

There is a pdf of the first book printed in this series available for download:

Book layout and web design by Debbie Qadri

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