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8 - The central star, and other stories

Drawings by Eritrean refugee children from Aaidun and Nidal Elementary in Kassala, South East Sudan, with accompanying stories written by children of Flemington Primary School, Melbourne Australia.

To learn more about Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Aid (EAHA)  and how you can help refugee children in Sudan through education, visit or email


Once there were two houses with a tree in the middle.  There were two people watering the garden.

The Clown Story 
Once upon a time there was a clown who lived in a small house.  One day he went for a walk on the beach.  He saw that there was an old hut.  He didn’t know what to do so he discovered what was there.  When he got to the front door there was a sign that had a face on it.  It screamed out “Do not come in.”  The clown didn’t listen so he opened the door and there was treasure.  He walked back home and he lived happily ever after.

The end

One day a little girl was going home from school while her Mum was looking at a fern tree.  It was her Mum’s favourite tree in the whole world.  She wouldn’t let anyone displant it.  She would watch it whenever she was bored.  Whenever it was misty she would go close where she could see it.  She just loved it.  One day the girl asked her “ Why do you love it so much?”  “I love it so much because of the shape.”

The most fierce pirate!
Once upon a time there was a ship that had huge cannons and fierce pirates.  One day a giant piranha was heading for them.  “Get the cannons said a crew member.”  “Okay”, said another crew member.  But it didn’t work.  Then one of the best pirates got a rope and strangled the piranha.  “Yay, we now have a feast!”  Then they had a beautiful night having fried fish.

There’s a flower.
I can see a little boy.
I can see a lovely flower.
I can see a swirly flower.
I can see a bee and I can see a beautiful ladybug.  It might be growing in a garden with lots of other flowers.
The flowers might be flying away from the garden.
I can see a garden and a boy in it.
The End

I can see a flower, some roses and beautiful leaves.  They are growing in a garden or maybe a garden oh so far away, or a forest.  Oh beautiful, beautiful flowers growing everywhere.

I like the bicycle with the wheels.  I like the flower.  It looks good.  I can see the really, really, really fantastic flag.  I love the mouse, its fantastic.  I like the lovely fridge with the food and drinks in it.  It looks fantastic.  I have a bike.

This looks good   
I see a fish in the sea and a flag.
I see a big face with a hat.
I see really good mountains.
Did the fish follow the face?  Did they go to the Spikey Mountain? 
Don’t they have fun sometimes?  Then they went to the flag.  The face said I’m hungry.  The fish went as fast as he can then the fish swam under the rock, then the face went away.

The central star.

Once upon a time 4 arrows made the central star.  500 years later 16 tiny African villagers decided they should go there.  They met their master, “Master Wong” in the middle of the plains.  “What are you doing here?” asked John and Garth together.  “I’m collecting food for Qertiville”, said Master Wong proudly.  “C’mon” said Leo, so with a swish of their wands they were gone.  “Hope you make it” Wong shouted hopefully at the top of his lungs.  Later on they had reached Gishj Moo (another galaxy).   They landed on the planet Postuioo.  “What is the place?” asked Ruby.  “I don’t know but there’s the central star”. Everybody gasped.

One Day
It was a sunny day.  There was a lake and the animals went there because they wanted to swim on the lake.  After that the animals were hot in the sun, so they drank the lake and went home.
Lakes are like rivers.
Animals like to swim and drink the lake.
Kangaroos like to drink lakes as well.
Echidnas like to drink from lakes too.

Prince and Princess
I like my pink castle.
Nine pretty rooms.
Kick the castle and it won’t break.
Castles shine but mine’s the best.
Elastic shines around my dress.
Stars are everywhere.
Take a look and you will love it.
Lighter, lighter.
Everybody admires me.

Once upon a time a girl called Nobody was on a windmill.  She found a rock then she found a big large stone and then she found a basketball hoop.


Words and pictures

This post features drawings by Eritrean refugee children from Aaidun and Nidal Elementary in Kassala, South East Sudan, with accompanying stories written by children of Flemington Primary School, Melbourne Australia.

The aim of this project is to stimulate links between students from the schools, and through the sharing of the pictures and stories to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s culture, beliefs and living conditions. 

The project has grown out of the gift of art work produced by Eritrean refugee children in Aaidun and Nidal Elementary and brought to Melbourne by Mr Anwar Alishek from the Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Aid (EAHA), a Melbourne Rotarian supporting Eritrean refugees in Sudan.

Some of the drawings and accompanying stories  were exhibited at Gallery Sunshine Everywhere in 2015.

This is a joint project of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere, College of Education, Victoria University and the Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Association, facilitated by Sarah Tartakover, Maureen Ryan and Anwar Alishek.

This project was supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission and will continue into 2016 with support from Brimbank City Council.

There is a pdf of the first book printed in this series available for download:

Book layout and web design by Debbie Qadri

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