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words and pictures - hopes and dreams - • Sunshine College, Sunshine, Australia

words & pictures

hopes & dreams

by students at • T/MU/ETM Hindu College, Eachchilampattu, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka • Eelam Tamil Association Victoria Incorporated Tamil School, Braybrook • Sunshine College, Melbourne, Australia

This book is part of the Words and Pictures series.

Using the themes of freedom, hopes, dreams, family, love or happiness it draws together words and pictures from students in three settings: T/MU/ETM Hindu College, Eachchilampattu, Trincomalee Sri Lanka; Eelam Tamil Association Victoria Incorporated Tamil School, Braybrook, Melbourne, Australia; and Sunshine College, Melbourne, Australia. We acknowledge all the wonderful artists and writers, their teachers and families and especially the support of Ketheeswaran Sithiravel (project liaison, Melbourne- Sri Lanka, translations), Ko Sonnoy (project facilitator, Tamil School, Braybrook, translations), Param Paramanathan  (Principal of ETA Schools, Eelam Tamil Association Victoria), Mirjana Vuk-Nikic (Art teacher, Sunshine College) and Liz Dalgleish (designer of this book). words & pictures hopes & dreams The Words and Pictures model originates from the concept developed  and coordinated by Professor Maureen Ryan, Dr Sarah Tartakover and Debbie Qadri, at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.  It is part of the ongoing activities of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere.

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words and pictures - hopes and dreams 
by students of Sunshine College, Sunshine, Australia

Wanting more than what is given and taken, seeing more than sea or sky, because more than what society expects, anything more than herself.

The world on the horizon 

The words in the sky represent the ideal world, and the girl who has  the shackle on her leg is trapped into a world that is not idyllic for her. The water separates them and creates a barrier between the two.

The birds represent the feeling of freedom and peace. They also represent death (since they are the colour black). The sky is grey due to the overwhelming feeling of depression. The girl is covering her mouth because she is frightened about making another mistake. 

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