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words and pictures - hopes and dreams - Eelam Tamil Association Victoria Incorporated Tamil School, Braybrook

This book is part of the Words and Pictures series. Using the themes of freedom, hopes, dreams, family, love or happiness it draws together words and pictures from students in three settings: T/MU/ETM Hindu College, Eachchilampattu, Trincomalee Sri Lanka; Eelam Tamil Association Victoria Incorporated Tamil School, Braybrook, Melbourne, Australia; and Sunshine College, Melbourne, Australia. We acknowledge all the wonderful artists and writers, their teachers and families and especially the support of Ketheeswaran Sithiravel (project liaison, Melbourne- Sri Lanka, translations), Ko Sonnoy (project facilitator, Tamil School, Braybrook, translations), Param Paramanathan  (Principal of ETA Schools, Eelam Tamil Association Victoria), Mirjana Vuk-Nikic (Art teacher, Sunshine College) and Liz Dalgleish (book design)

The Words and Pictures model originates from the concept developed  and coordinated by Professor Maureen Ryan, Dr Sarah Tartakover and Debbie Qadri, at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.  It is part of the ongoing activities of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere.

Words and pictures - hopes and dreams - Eelam Tamil Association Victoria Incorporated    Tamil School, Braybrook 

Dream: dreams that are lucky
Akshaya, 11

I know my parents love me because they buy me lovely things. For my birthday, mum gave me this beautiful gold and pink top. Ashvigha, 6

Akshaya, 11

"The eye of hope: you can see the hope in the eye of a person"
Binthu, 13

Far away, you’re separated from all the brightness: one day you’ll get there.
Hari, 12

Dream Big
Sachitha, 11

The dream about being a doctor.

Grass and Sky. Mudhushika and Madhusham

Rakshiga, 10

Monsters don’t have to be good: they can have freedom.
Sanjay, 8

Girls v ghost. Be careful: there can be ghosts around you. 
Pavisa, 6

Sabesan, 16


Sajathi, 11


by Harry

by Sopitha, 17


My house. Sanjiha, 8

That was somebody’s house where they were living in the countryside. It represents happiness and how to be close together. It recalls my country, feeling my beautiful country: Sri Lanka.

The hope for the world
I wanted to draw something that showed hope. I drew people around the world together: that shows hope for everyone. Sanjeev,13

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