Saturday, August 13, 2016

IN my red amazing house, and other stories

Stories from students of Mother Teresa Primary School, Harrison ACT
responding to artworks from students in China

32 Sienna 8 years
There was a boy and he lived under the sea. One day he went for a ride in a submarine  but there was a big eagle that swooped him. His mum was relaxing in her chair but she saw what happened and saved the boy  so they headed back home together.
Artwork by  David He Age 6

33 Eva 8 years
Dark eyes layed upon me in the night laughing at me. Colours bursting out of its head  I didn’t know what it was or what to say so I ran away but it caught me and then I realized it was from the festival so I started laughing and dancing.
Artwork by  Jason Age 5

34 Claudia 8 years
It was cloudy and stormy and there was no sign of the sun – instead it was pouring rain. Everyone was waiting for the sun to come out and brighten up the dark, stormy day. It was like that for the last few days but the next day when everyone had given up the sun peeked through the clouds, it was still raining at the same time and then an amazing burst of colours appeared in the sky and everyone rushed to their windows to see all the amazing colours in the sky. They all knew that the sun would come again every rainy day.
Artwork by  Shao Chengyu Age 5

35 B J 8 years (male)
The runny water fall is coming out of a cave on a very sunny day. The water is flowing and it is making a river.
Artwork by  Yan Zibo Age 6

36 Siena 8 years
The colourful painting looks like a rainbow with all types of colours you could imagine. It reminds me of a bright amazing rainbow.
The second painting looks like a bright sunny day with fresh new green grass and a big patch of purple flowers all bunched up together and it reminds me of something happy and warm.
Artwork by  Austin Age 5

37 Jake 8 years
Colours were fighting – yellow red orange  green and black. They kept fighting saying “who is the best!” But Blue said lets combine colours to become a rainbow.
Artwork by  Jiang Hao Age 7

38 Evie 8 years
It’s a troll that jumped into a painting and has been splattered in beautiful colours and got all dressed up and he might go to a party. The troll is on a quest to make himself happy. When he got dressed he laughed out loud ; ha ha ha He had the best time  ever.
Artwork by  Alisa Age 5

39Chris 9 years
Some people lived in piano music lines. There names were Do re Mi fa sol. One day they went down to the drum line and tried to play drums but they couldn’t play so they went to another string instrument – guitars and because they were similar the piano succeeded at playing the guitar and said we’d better leave  so they travelled home.
Artwork by  Sean Age 5

40 Jake 9 years
Guns were shooting missiles were exploding and the star wars began. People were dying , good guys were absolutely trying to fight back – but then one of the good guys killed them all.
Artwork by  Maehsn Age 6

41 Spencer 8 years
One amazing day two crabs made a baby crab in the  Great Barrier Reef. It was the best day.
Artwork by  Shen Haoran Age 6

42 Emily 8 years
One stormy dark day there was a family of caterpillars. They were working together to move up a tree to be safe from a big storm. When the storm came the caterpillars were safe because they worked together.
Artwork by  Terry Age 6

43 Yianni 8 Male
A girl is standing by the river looking at her reflection. There are rocks and a boat by the river too . It is a beautiful day.
Artwork by  Chen Guoer Age 7

44. Catherine 4 years
I see crazy weather Windy, foggy and really hot!
Artwork by  Zhao Youbo Age 5

45 Lavinia 8 years
In my red amazing house I was playing hide and seek . I hide in a cupboard  but no one came for me. I looked further and further in the mystery cupboard but there was no end . It ws getting scary but then there was a yellow bright light. It was a magician who said I hope you like this amazing place have fun.
Artwork by  Yoyo Woo Age 5

46 Ethan  9 years
One colourful day in rainbow the King of colours swooped past the black and white creatures. He tried to eat them but they were so big that he sent a bird who cut them up with his mouth and then ate them.
Artwork by  Eagle Age 4


Artwork by  He Ruixuan Age 7


This book is part of the WORDS AND PICTURES series.
It draws together pictures produced by students mainly from Shenzhen Guangdong region in China. All their schools and kindergartens are listed below.
The accompanying words have been prepared by students at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School, Harrison, Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
We acknowledge all the wonderful artists and story writers, their teachers and families and especially the support of Xu Mai, Susan Curbishley (Music Specialist), Mother Teresa Primary School and Sarah Brooke, (Victoria University). Xu Mai teaches Orff Schulwerk approach to music education across China and especially in the region of Shenzhen.
The Words and Pictures model originates from the concept developed and coordinated by Professor Maureen Ryan, Dr Sarah Tartakover and Debbie Qadri at Victoria University, Melbourne Australia and is part of the ongoing activities of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere
WORDS AND PICTURES web site address:

Contributing schools in Shenzhen Guangdong region, China:
BaiHua Primary School
California Kindergarten
Donghai Foreign Language Primary School
Elf Kindergarten
Huacheng Primary School
Jingtian Primary School
Jingxiu Primary School
Lianhua Ercun Kindergarten
Liyuan Primary School
Luofang Primary School
Luohu Jiaogong Kindergarten
LuohuHongKong People's Primary School
Meishan Primary School
Meiyuang Primary School
Mingde Experimental School 
Nanshan Foreign Language School
Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School
Shenzhen Experimental Kindergarten
Shenzhen Jinjing Kindergarten
Yinying Number 1 Kindergarten
Yuanlin Foreign Language Primary School
Zhicheng School

as well as
Shanghai First Kindergarten and
Collaborative International School, FoShan, GuangDong

The pdf version of the book is available at this link (please be wary of the large download size 34 Mb)

Artwork by  He Ruixuan Age 7


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