Saturday, August 13, 2016

Music is always around us here and there

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stories from students of Mother Teresa Primary School, Harrison ACT
responding to artworks from students in China

21 Elvin 10 years
The boy was lost in the cold dark forest. He calls out loud for help but nobody comes. He starts to walk along the pathway. He finds a bell of peace and rings it while singing Everybody comes out and cheers.
Artwork by  Peter Age 8

22. Jackson 10 years
This reminds me about a party with balloons in shapes and sizes and universe nebulas -  just connected together to make peace and love in the world.
Artwork by  Zheng Chunyi Age 9

23  Will 9 years
This art work reminds me of snow and people playing in the snow building snowmen.
Artwork by  Hedy Age 9

24 Lachie 9 years
Music is always around us here and there , surrounding us; but sometimes people foret that it even has a life of its own. Peace can always happen with music. Magic is in music.
Artwork by  Kelly Age 8

25 Anique (f) 10 years
My painting reminds me of animals having fun with balloons and cake – like when I had my dads 40th last year.
Artwork by  Qu Sihan Age 8

26 Jack 10 years
The wind was howling. The storm was blowing closer. The trees looked as if they were trying to run away from the storm. The river was still flowing. How good it would have felt to be water. Constantly escaping all bad things never stopping at any one place at any one time. This was the most beautiful and wonderous place in the world.
Artwork by  Lu Xuanren Age 7

27 Eddie 10 years
The wind blew strong – it was the last tree in the world. The tree stayed hidden in long grass surrounding it. There used to be hundreds of thousands of trees but man found amgreat use in the trees and slowly but eventually the trees became harder and harder to find and then they were all gone except one. Nobody cared about the trees anymore. Everybody was so caught up in what technology could do that nobody cared about trees. The world became polluted and then many people died but one person saw this and searched for the last tree in the world. This person found the tree and saw the beautiful sunset gaze upon this tree and never felt better in his life.
Artwork by  Kate Age 10

28 Lily 10 years
It reminds me of fire being burnt down. When I was 8 I saw a bushfire near my house , so my family got the hose and put it out. Soon after the fireman came to helpus. We had to help buy new grass and products and it produced a loavely park. Every year now lots of people come to the park – and some of them don’t know the real background story of  Mullion Park.
Artwork by  Meng Xiangyu Age 7

29 Austin 10 years
This is so beautiful. It reminds me of the time I went to China. I was three years old. It was a time of peace and mercy It was quiet and peaceful. I liked it.
Artwork by  Liu Sihan Age 9

30. Olivia 8 ¾ years
The dark night came and the plant in Sya’s room made a small shadow over the lit room. It swerved and swayed across its bowl. Knock knock heard Sya the plant man was there he was here to help the plant grow to its full size. And there it was the plant blooming to its full growth in pink buds. The plant looked beautiful with flowers all around.
Artwork by  Li Zhenan Age 7

31 Harry 9 years
It looks like two friends having fun playing together like loving and caring friends. The two friends are very happy like all friends are like.
Artwork by  Liu Xinxin Age 6


This book is part of the WORDS AND PICTURES series.
It draws together pictures produced by students mainly from Shenzhen Guangdong region in China. All their schools and kindergartens are listed below.
The accompanying words have been prepared by students at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School, Harrison, Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
We acknowledge all the wonderful artists and story writers, their teachers and families and especially the support of Xu Mai, Susan Curbishley (Music Specialist), Mother Teresa Primary School and Sarah Brooke, (Victoria University). Xu Mai teaches Orff Schulwerk approach to music education across China and especially in the region of Shenzhen.
The Words and Pictures model originates from the concept developed and coordinated by Professor Maureen Ryan, Dr Sarah Tartakover and Debbie Qadri at Victoria University, Melbourne Australia and is part of the ongoing activities of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere
WORDS AND PICTURES web site address:

Contributing schools in Shenzhen Guangdong region, China:
BaiHua Primary School
California Kindergarten
Donghai Foreign Language Primary School
Elf Kindergarten
Huacheng Primary School
Jingtian Primary School
Jingxiu Primary School
Lianhua Ercun Kindergarten
Liyuan Primary School
Luofang Primary School
Luohu Jiaogong Kindergarten
LuohuHongKong People's Primary School
Meishan Primary School
Meiyuang Primary School
Mingde Experimental School 
Nanshan Foreign Language School
Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School
Shenzhen Experimental Kindergarten
Shenzhen Jinjing Kindergarten
Yinying Number 1 Kindergarten
Yuanlin Foreign Language Primary School
Zhicheng School

as well as
Shanghai First Kindergarten and
Collaborative International School, FoShan, GuangDong

The pdf version of the book is available at this link (please be wary of the large download size 34 Mb)

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